Jingle Bells…Is it too early?

We just finished our Summer vacations, and the kids are back to school. We go into our favorite local store to find glittering tinsel, glass ornaments, red and white furry hats, could it be? Nah, it’s too early, surely they are not going to promote Christmas before Halloween! What happened to Thanksgiving, we can’t forget Thanksgiving!


It’s here…Ready or not. Some stores even had Christmas in July! So…what are we to do then? Do we start preparing now? Should we have prepared sooner? Do we let marketing pressure us to get to our Christmas List early? Why is MHP even blogging about this? Well…because the other day I got an email link to a blog that says Get in the Holiday Spirit with These Dates. I read it because honestly, I LIKE to be organized and prepared. Right now, our home is under construction, so right now I really can’t be as organized as I would like so when I get an article emailed to me like this, it takes me to a Happy Place where I can look forward to more organized days.

Last year I also stumbled upon The 12 Week Holiday Planner.

PHOTO property of the12weekholidayplanner.com

It is a part of a bigger concept to basically Note Book your life. The 12 Week Holiday Planner is great because you can use all or some of the ideas in the book to help keep you on track with gift giving, decorating, and holiday baking. There are many more great things about The 12 Week Holiday Planner. One of the things I love about it, is the focus on family time, and focus on Jesus. We can all get so caught up in all of the Holiday festivities, and tasks that before we know it, Christmas is over and we are left tired and ready for a vacation. This little Holiday Planner is a Godsend in that it keeps us focused on what really matters. Notebooking, is a really great concept.  I made a family notebook last year to help me stay focused. Last year it was too late for me to use my 12 Week Holiday Planner, but this year I look forward to embracing the season with joy, organization, and focus. I hope this bit of information helps you. Please feel comfortable commenting on what helps you during the Holiday season. We could all glean from others to help us stay in our Happy Place. Best Wishes.

Stay Happy,


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2 Responses to Jingle Bells…Is it too early?

  1. Even though I have started planning on what gifts we intend to loving give to our family members, and I have received the holiday edition from LTD Commodities, I am not so sure I am ready to have the Christmas decor in the stores. Yes, we need to get through the preceding holidays. Lets not forget the reason for the holiday SEASON…because it is more than Christmas.

    • Congratulations and Surprise PAMELA, you just made the 100th comment. Please inbox me your address and I will mail you a special surprise! Thank you for your encouragement and readership! And more than that, thank you for your friendship! I like to cherish every season too, I like to see the change of seasons, I like to see decoration to match the season we are in, it keeps me in the mood of that season. Thank you again for commenting and congratulations! Stay Happy!

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